The Brand

As Iconic To New Zealand as L&P.

Does our brand sound familiar? No doubt your parents were rocking these kicks long before you - we're as iconic as it comes! Commando-M shoes are ingrained in New Zealand's history and culture, originally being made for the troops in the army, air-force and navy, and taking over the fashion world by force in the early 80's. 

The great thing about Commando-M's (as the kids of the 70's and 80's discovered), is that they're cool and durable to the max. Go on - ask your parents if they remember graffiti-ing up their Commando-M's!

Commando-M: Meet The 21st Century

We've learnt from the mistakes of our forefathers when it comes to being environmentally conscious (and fashion not always having to be uncomfortable). We've upgraded all elements of our shoes for the new generation, with the environment and your comfort in mind. Our Commando M's keep the nostalgic style. while taking into consideration the latest ath-fash looks and utilising eco-friendly materials.


Our Key Features

    • Versatile and durable - perfect for festivals, brunching, dog-walking, movie-going, coffee-tasting, puddle splashing and everything in-between. 
    • Unique razor tooth grip - our shoes have a supportive footbed and flexible sole to help ease weight distribution, meaning a comfortable, balanced wear with no risk of your feet slipping out from under you at any time. #awkward. 
    • Updated elements - every single part of the original Commando-M shoe has been redesigned to help sustain the environment (yay!). Not only that, but our inners now contain memory foam (for the most comfortable wear ever), we've introduced a softer heel with flexible grooves for better movement, and upgraded the quality of our canvas. Our soles are made from EVA - a fantastically lightweight, shock absorbent material, known to be water and corrosion resistant. In other words, the new-gen Commando-M's are durable to the max.
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